Sunday, May 7, 2017

A slump

I'm in a writing slump right now:

  • with the new job
  •  with how tired I am at the end of the workday
  • with April having ended and I didn't even manage 25K words in Camp Nanowrimo
  • with my birthday having just happened and I always get down on myself around my birthday
  • with my newest Work In Progress being stuck because I feel like I'm not the right person to be writing this story and yet I wish very much to be able to pull this off
  • with my published books not selling well and a new one coming out soon
  • with the only editor or agent reactions I've had to my current projects "New Adult? NO WAY"
  • with watching the world and my country slip and slide around, ever closer to wars and to destroying anything moral
  • with my only light in recent days being that the French managed to not elect a fascist (and I'm not just making up that she's a fascist, she actually sued when someone called her that and it was demonstrated in court that she is literally a fascist. And still 35% of the French electorate voted for fascism, so there's a solid turdnugget of disappointment.) 

I'm tired right now. Always tired.

So really, it's an all-around slump, not just a writing slump.

Is it any wonder I'm doing a lot of re-reading and comfort reading and not reading hard stuff? Or even unfamiliar stuff that might disappoint me? Or writing things that are definitely disappointing me?

Anyway. I'm off to read.

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