Sunday, January 8, 2017

Bird seed

So this morning, I stayed in bed late, reading a book on my phone and playing Words With Friends and reading Facebook and stuff. I got up and had breakfast and discovered the hall bathroom tub had hair and gunk in it....because it's not draining right. And hasn't been for a couple days, according to the teen boys who shower in there.


The plunger and plumber's snake didn't work.

So I had to get dressed! And go out in the wind and rain! Twice!

So much for lazy Sunday!

Then the drain clog stuff didn't work, either, but it must have eased it a little, because the plunger did work.

ANYWAY, the second time I was out at Ace Hardware, I got some nuts and berries bird seed that my wild bird visitors usually love, then came home and refilled my feeders, and threw a bunch of that and black sunflower seed out for the seven turkeys who were huddled in my front yard, waiting for a handout. And found a dead goldfinch by my front door. Not of starvation, because I've been refilling the thistle seed feeder, too. (I need to refill that, too. It's only half full, so only 8 birds can eat at a time instead of the 17 or so when it's full to the top)

And now I have four high school boys and one elementary school girl rampaging through my house with Nerf guns.

All of this an excuse as to why I'm not writing. I figured out the next to last chapter and part of the last one. Just a couple more pages of wrap up and the rough draft is DONE.

Must. Focus.

Right. Getting back to it.

(And don't forget Henri et Marcel are out now. Almost 40K words: 50-ish pages. $3.99 most places, but still half price for the ePub at Wild Rose Press)

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