Tuesday, April 19, 2016

CONFESSION: Ten reasons I'm not a good Californian

I've been here for thirteen years, and there are things I just haven't adapted to.

1) I don't have a tan. Or blonde hair.  

2) I don't have a tattoo. (Needles? NO WAY.)

3) I've never even tried to surf, though I live 2 hours from the Pacific.

4) We're also 2 hours from Tahoe and have taken my kids skiing exactly once (and I didn't ski).

5) I will never get used to the summer heat here in the Inland Valley.

6) I don't like avocados.

7) I miss seeing normal blue jays. And cardinals. And seasons.

8) I don't like beige houses.

9) Perfect, green lawns don't particularly interest me. In fact, they make me angry in this drought.

10) No matter your political leanings, Governor Jerry Brown is a tad weird. Not as weird as saying "Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger" though.


  1. bwaaahaaa. These are pretty funny. I can agree with a lot of them . *she said from her beige house on her way to get a tattoo*

    1. Ha! It's not the individual beige houses that get on my nerves, it's the lack of other colors. Yes, there are exceptions, but they tend to be.... grey... beige-ish/green-ish...

    2. I can't relate to ANY of them, being born and raised (mostly) in California. Despite the high taxes and big government, I love it here! Love the mountains, love the seashore, love the wine country!

    3. Yes Donna, we all know you're covered in tattoos... ;)