Friday, October 14, 2016

All about the running

I have about half an hour before I have to leave again.

Today's been about running. Not actual, you know, jogging or anything, because my knees and hips and lungs can't handle that, but about the driving here and there. Luckily, after the morning dropping kids at school part, I went and had coffee with a friend whom I don't get to see very often anymore. So that part was run-free.

Then grocery store, then picking boys up (they had exams and got out at noon), then lunch, then handling various paperwork and stuff...

And because I only have half an hour, I'm just not going to get any writing work done until after I get my daughter from school. Might as well blog!

Next week, I have stuff every morning from Monday through Saturday and my daughter gets out at noon Wed-Fri for teacher conferences. It's going to be juggling. Not evil-clown type of juggling, but expert mom juggling.

All that to say I'm not sure what I need to do and don't know what time I'll have to do it.

I haven't done any promo for the Christmas novella and it's at least time for that to come out. Maybe next year. Maybe when I get my new adult books ready to come out, I'll get the Xmas one out or use it as a freebie. Hmmm... This one isn't new adult, but it's set at the same college. (Also set at that college is a paranormal romance I wrote years and years ago. I'm afraid to look at it, to be honest.)


I get caught up in the day-to-day stuff and fail to plan ahead. 

Speaking of which, I need to get some reviewers on board for the French historical novella I have coming out in January. I don't have the exact date yet, so have to plan vaguely, which doesn't work for scheduling promo.

Until then.... sneaking in the first glimpse of my novella cover...

When their orderly world falls apart, love is the base on which they rebuild.
Henri de Cantière has been surly since he returned from visiting his family at Versailles, but doesn’t want to burden Marcel Fourbier, his longtime lover, with his problems. He can’t sleep and hurts all over at exactly the time when everything else seems to be falling apart.

Marcel can barely keep up with his usual duties of running their household and creating beautiful furniture in the de Cantière factory, then more burdens fall on his shoulders. His estranged Huguenot family condemns him to hell but wants his help, a man attacks him in a dark street, an arsonist tries to destroy the factory, and Henri’s beloved sister-in-law, the lady who has been like a sister to Marcel, has been in labor for several days and is weakening.

Most of all, Marcel wants to cure Henri, the man who holds his heart.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Thiiiis close. And cat pics.

I'm so close to downloading the cover I made for my Christmas ghost story novella. I'm trying to figure out if I should get the multi-use license for the images or single-use. I could use the pictures for marketing things. On the other hand, I could make nine more marketing things using the cover itself. Or two or three where I pay for the pictures again separately, which is more likely.

I think I just made up my mind. Now I have to find a credit card to pay for the kindle cover.

No, wait. Single use means I can download it within 24 hours and can make 2000 "prints" of it. Does that mean 2000 ebook sales? 2000 views of it on my website? Hmmm.

Coming soon to an e-bookstore near you: Christmas Spirit, a story of tenure-track faculty romance, a goofy yellow dog, and an agoraphobic ghost.

In my next book, I'll have a weirdo ginger cat who snores and twitches.

And sometimes sleeps with his eyes open.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Synopsis, back cover copy, logline

I'm attempting to write a synopsis to turn in with my next French book. I really hate writing synopses. So far, I have a five page version that wanders and a four page version that....also wanders but maybe with more form.

I've also written a blurb / back cover copy. Well, I've written three of those so far. None are very good.

I have not yet written a logline. Because I really hate trying to write those. How to I write something super duper and catchy that sums up the feel and theme and attraction of the about 20 words?

But I'm about *this close* to turning the book in as it is anyway and fixing it all in edits. I mean, the book is ready to turn in, though I want to beef up a few things. And the sooner I turn it in, the sooner it gets on the publishing schedule. So really, it's best to get it in. So why am I hesitating?

Oh yeah, the logline.

And the blurb.

And the synopsis.

And since I've complained about editing and all the rest before in The Zipless Draft, I'm mostly posting to let you all know that it's still true.

Oh, and I should get to work making a Pinterest board for Melisande. And fixing up one for Henri's novella.

So I leave you with Melisande's mom:

The Fortune Teller, Georges de la Tour, c.1630's.